Geriatric Behavioral Services

Geriatri Behavioral Services is located at #4 Doctors Park, Gibson City, IL 60936 View Map and open Monday thru Friday 8a.m. to 4p.m.  For your free no risk assessment call (217) 784-4540. 


At Geriatric Behavioral Services we are here to provide seniors with quality mental health treatment. We help through the use of a multidisciplinary treatment team of a Psychiatrist, a Therapist and a Registered Nurse. Our Goal is to provide a safe environment for our patients to come and share their feelings with others that are experiencing similar issues.


Multidisciplinary Treatment Team

The Multidisciplinary Treatment Team meets once a week for patient treatment planning as well as discussing patient’s progress and any concerns.


Martin Repetto, M.D., PhD.


Dr. Repetto provides medication management. He sees patient’s initially to admit them into the program. During this time, he completes a psychiatric evaluation and evaluates any medication or need for additions or changes in meds. Thereafter, he sees them again every 14 to 21 days typically to gain information from them on their progress and re-evaluate their medication. He participates in treatment planning at this time as we discuss the patient’s progress and continued work towards treatment goals.





 Geriatric Behavioral Services Therapists


Kenna Dunlap-Johnson, MSW, LCSW                                   Vicki Angstmann, MA, LPC

The therapist/program director oversees the smooth operation of the program while also providing therapeutic services. After admission into the program, the therapist will complete a psychosocial assessment with the patient within 5 days post admission. The therapist provides group therapy sessions (3 per treatment day). During these sessions, processing is done with patients surrounding progress towards treatment goals as well as processing on specific topics such as depression, anxiety, coping, grief and loss.


The therapist also provides individual, family, and marital therapy as needed. These are typically 30/45/70 minute sessions that are done after group therapy hours. Individualized treatment goals are focused on in these sessions.


The RN meets with our patients daily to complete a daily nursing assessment. During this time, she is evaluating them for any physical or emotional symptoms that could be present. The RN also provides a weekly nursing education group on topics such as relaxation, medication education, self-esteem, exercise promotion, pain management, problem solving, fall and safety precautions, smoking cessation, nutrition, discharge planning, medication compliance, and social skills. The RN monitors patients, while in programming, on an ongoing basis to identify health needs, problems, and symptoms.


After Graduation

At Geriatric Behavioral Service we provide after care for up to one year post graduation from the program. During aftercare, the patient is contacted at 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year to identify progress and if re-assessment is needed.


For your free no risk assessment call (217) 784-4540.


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