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We understand that Health Care can be costly at times. Because of our awareness of this, we are able to offer the Gibson Cares program to you. Gibson Cares is a program that is available to all GAHHS hospital patients and through most GAHHS clinics. Patients have the opportunity to have their medical bills reduced based on the patients circumstances including the insured, private payer, uninsured, the under insured or issues where the bill may be more than the patient is able to pay .


Simply provide the following information to GAH to determine what percentage of the bill will be reduced through the Gibson Cares Program.


Pleases complete the steps below:



Financial Assistance Application/Spanish Version
•Proof of income for previous three months
•Copy of the latest federal income tax return

Consideration for charity is based on the patient’s and/or responsible party’s financial status.  To obtain a Financial Assistance Application please contact the Gibson Cares Coordinator, Jennifer Snelling, at 217-784-2353. Applications can be submitted by email to