You can now apply for positions at Gibson Area Hospital via our On-Line job application. The application has been set up that will allow users to create a "profile".  The first time you visit the on-line application you will need to create a username and password.  This will allow applicants to apply for multiple jobs with a single application.  There is a link on the main page to the job application and it is also listed below for ease of getting to our On-Line application.

  • Careers in Healthcare - Registered Dietician

    Frequently Asked Questions: Basic Career for high school students 1. What is the difference between a registered dietitian (RD) or dietetic technician, registered (DTR) and a nutritionist? 2. What is the difference between a RD and a DTR and what career opportunities are available for each? 3. What do I need to do to become a RD? 4. What do I need to do to become a DTR? 5. Is the Dietetic... [ Read More ]

  • Careers in Healthcare: Health Information Management

    What is Health Information Management?Health Information Management (HIM) is a profession that combines health data, information technology and management. HIM professionals play a critical role in collecting, maintaining, and analyzing the health data that healthcare professionals rely on to deliver, manage and finance quality healthcare. HIM professionals are experts in managing health... [ Read More ]

  • Careers in Healthcare: Pharmacy

    Registered Pharmacist A Registered Pharmacist is in charge of all medication dispensing and management within the hospital. Medication dispensing ranges from Tablets and Capsules to Intravenous fluids and Hyperalimentation. A Registered Pharmacist also oversees the Pharmacy Technicians and works closely with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Requirements to obtain a degree:... [ Read More ]

  • Careers in Healthcare: Physical Therapy

    Physical Therapy & Therapy Assistant Physical Therapy treatment must be provided by either a physical therapist or a physical therapy assistant. Physical Therapists are medical professionals who are trained to examine, evaluate and treat a vast array of problems in people of all ages. They provide services that help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain and prevent or limit... [ Read More ]

  • Careers in Healthcare: Radiology

    Careers in Radiology Radiology TechnologistA Radiology Technologist is an individual specifically trained and licensed in the use of Radiological equipment and the positioning of patients for radiographic examinations. Exams include X-Rays, Fluoroscopy. With further training and or schooling other exams may include Mammography, Dexa or Bone Densitometry, CT Scan or Computed Tomography,... [ Read More ]

  • Nursing Intern Program

    Nursing Intern Program Gibson Area Hospital & Health Services (GAHHS) is offering a summer internship program for registered nursing students in the summer of 2018. Description Our Nursing Intern Program offers students a great opportunity to gain clinical experience and confidence in a hospital setting under the guidance of a registered nurse. Eligibility Students must demonstrate... [ Read More ]