Careers in Healthcare: Radiology

Careers in Radiology

Radiology Technologist
A Radiology Technologist is an individual specifically trained and licensed in the use of Radiological equipment and the positioning of patients for radiographic examinations. Exams include X-Rays, Fluoroscopy. With further training and or schooling other exams may include Mammography, Dexa or Bone Densitometry, CT Scan or Computed Tomography, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, and MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging. A Radiology Technologist works closely with a Radiologist, Physicians, Nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

Requirements to obtain a degree:
      •Training – 2 year program is minimum, some colleges and universities have 4 year programs
      •State Licensure through IEMA and AART– not required in all states

Colleges with Radiology Programs:
      •Parkland College – 2 yr. program
      •Bloomington Normal School of Radiology – 2 yr. program
      •DACC (Danville Area Community College) – 2 yr. program
      •KCC (Kankakee Community College) – 2 yr. program
      •SIU (Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale) – 4 yr. program

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