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Elite Sport and Fitness is a fitness facility designed for all ages! It is geared toward helping individuals meet their functional and athletic needs or their own personal goals under the supervision of Certified Personal Trainers as well as Certified Athletic Trainers. To join us here at Elite Sport & Fitness the first step is to sign up via our clients.mindbodyonline.com account. After you have registererd, please call your local Elite to schedule an appointment for your initial evaluation. The evaluation may include measurements, body composition, and a set of various workouts to assess each individual’s abilities, and a consultation with your trainer. From the assessment results and personal goals, we will then create a personalized plan that will establish a workout regime under the supervision of our trainers specifically tailored to one’s needs. After a few weeks of participation, a re-evaluation will be performed to show each member the improvements they have achieved.

Whether a participant is a young athlete looking for agility training, a collegiate athlete looking for explosiveness, or those of any age looking to improve their functional fitness we are the experts to help achieve those goals!

Located in four locations, Gibson City, Paxton, Fairbury, and Cissna Park, our facilities are available minutes from home or work allowing one to make health a priority. Our experienced Certified Trainers are here to guide and support all clients through a daily customized program. We encourage everyone to stop in to visit our facilities to find out more!


(by appointment only and hours may vary by location)

Monday-Friday 4:30am-7:00pm

(Monday & Wednesdays are open until 8:30pm for appointments made 24 hours in advance)

Saturday 7:00am-12:00pm

Sunday 7:00am-12:00pm 




  • Running Club

    Whether an individual wants to train for a marathon, or go for a jog every week, Elite Sport & Fitness now offers Running Club one evening each week. Running under the guidance of our certified trainers offers many benefits that an individual may not receive running on their own time: Benefits include: Increase endurance and speed Instruction on proper mechanics and form Education on proper... [ Read More ]

  • Adult Personal Training

    Developing athletic potential is a phrase you may have heard in reference to Elite Sport & Fitness. Did you know that we also offer adult personal training applicable to your lifestyle and needs? Working with our staff of certified fitness professionals, you will be put through an initial consultation and evaluation to measure fitness capacity and to determine personal goals. We want to work... [ Read More ]

  • Athletic Programs

    From the beginning, Elite Performance’s main focus has been on improving athletic performance. Our staff of fitness prof essionals are here to share their knowledge of sports conditioning catered to sport specific goals. Whether your goals are improving power, explosion, stamina, strength, balance, agility, reducing incidence of injury, or general conditioning, our years of experience... [ Read More ]

  • Batting Cage

    Improving your pitching and batting goals can be easy by taking advantage of our indoor batting cage. A pitching machine, screen, mound, bats, tees, helmets, baseballs and softballs are provided, but we do ask that you please bring your own glove. The cage is available by appointment only in half-hour or in one hour time slots. Individuals under 18 must be accompanied by an adult, unless they are... [ Read More ]

  • Group Fitness Classes

    Please contact your local Elite Sport & Fitness to see the group fitness classes that we currently offer. You may also find us on Facebook or MindBody for a list of our classes and schedules.

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