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GAHHS COO/CNO Robin Rose Brings Lieutenant Governor to Gibson City

April 19, 2012

GAHHS COO/CNO Robin Rose Brings Lieutenant Governor to Gibson City

Since its re-launch in 2011, Gibson Area Hospital & Health Services (GAHHS) COO/CNO Robin Rose has served on the Governor’s Rural Affairs Council (GRAC), giving GAHHS and those in our surrounding communities a voice in Springfield. A few months back Lt. Governor Sheila Simon and current GRAC chair, discussed with the council about holding Rural Listening Posts across Illinois. The purpose of these Rural Listening Posts is to give rural elected officials, policymakers, and local leaders the opportunity to share their insights on the issues facing rural Illinois.

Very intrigued by this idea, Rose invited Simon to hold one of her six Rural Listening Posts in Gibson City. Simon agreed that Gibson City, with GAH and its local businesses, would be a perfect place to hold a Rural Listening Post.

During this Rural Listening Post, Simon addressed the pack crowd and explained that Illinois is not just one city. “Illinois is a large state with one large city, and that one city is very well represented. However I am here to represent the rural areas in Illinois. The same type of area I myself grew up in. I am here to make sure your voices are heard," said Simon.

This Rural Listening Post provided attendees an opportunity to show what their concerns are for Gibson City and the surrounding communities. Among these opportunities was a brainstorming session to discuss the areas of Healthcare, Workforce, Infrastructure, Education, and Business Climate.

After attending the Rural Listening Post, Simon stopped by GAH to tour the site of Project 2012.

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