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Sport Enhancement

Elite Sport & Fitness

We offer a variety of sport enhancement packages at Elite Sport & Fitness. Our programs are designed to work with each individual and establish personalized goals based on the initial athletic assessment. We employ Athletic Trainers and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, as well as Youth Fitness Specialist who use their expertise and experience to design programs specific to your needs. Programs include but are not limited to speed and agility training, flexibility, energy system development, muscular strength, local muscular endurance, and jumping ability.


After completing an Elite Sport & Fitness program, each athlete will be reassessed and will receive pre-and post-test results. We have pricing for one-on-one training, partner training, and group training as well as discount and reward packages. We are available to do speed and strength clinics at local schools if desired. Elite Sport & Fitness programs are cash based and require no prescription to start. Payroll deduction is available for GAH employees. Call or stop in today to schedule your Elite Training Sessions.




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Batting Cage

Improving your pitching and batting goals can be easy by taking advantage of our indoor batting cage. A pitching machine, screen, mound, bats, tees, helmets, baseballs, and softballs are provided, but we do ask that you please bring your own glove. The cage is available by appointment only in half-hour or in one-hour time slots.  Individuals under 18 must be accompanied by an adult, unless they are under instruction by one of our expert batting/pitching instructors.  

The batting cage is loacted at Elite Sport & Fitness in Gibson City. 217.784.2045


Adult Personal Training

Developing athletic potential is a phrase you may have heard in reference to Elite Sport & Fitness. Did you know that we also offer adult personal training applicable to your lifestyle and needs?  Working with our staff of certified fitness professionals, you will be put through an initial consultation and evaluation to measure fitness capacity and to determine personal goals. We want to work with you to attend YOUR needs.  We achieve this through a series of tests that show us your abilities as well as your needs for improvement.  At Elite, we create a personalized workout for you with every visit. This is a rarity to find in the area, especially with our qualified trainers and our prices!  We strive to give you the results and the satisfaction you are looking for.


Athletic Training

From the beginning, the main focus of Elite Sport & Fitness has been on improving athletic performance.  Our staff of fitness professionals are here to share their knowledge of sports conditioning catered to sport specific goals. Whether your goals are improving power, explosion, stamina, strength, balance, agility, reducing incidence of injury, or general conditioning, our years of experience are here to make you an elite athlete! The one-on-one attention for the price that we offer is rare. Take advantage now to see success in your season!


Group Fitness Classes

We have a variety of unique classes that are offered throughout different times of the year.  These include but are not limited to Battling Ropes, Boot Camp, Core and Balance, Full Body Fit, and Yoga.


Team Elite

Elite Sport & Fitness is excited to bring the team aspect to our personal training sessions!  Team Elite is the perfect way for you to focus on your individual goals but also be able to work out with your friends and family.  As both a group and individual challenge, Team Elite is designed to help individuals reach their personal goals and enjoy a team aspect at the same time. Athletes within a team will have the option to set their own workout schedule for the week, giving them the opportunity to work towards their personal goals with safe and individually tailored workouts.  Then, on one common day, each athlete will meet with their team to perform whatever challenge the trainer has created for them that week.  Team competitions will range from teammates vs. teammates to Team A vs. Team B and is a great way to hold yourself accountable to working out.  Call or stop in and visit us to find out more about working out in an atmosphere that is not only fun and team oriented but also tailored to your personal goals!


How to Contact Us

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