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GAH OB Department Awarded Women’s Choice Award

March 4, 2013

GAH OB Department Awarded Women’s Choice Award

It was recently announced by WomenCertified, the voice of female consumers, that the Gibson Area Hospital (GAH) was named one of the “Best Hospitals for Patients Experience in Obstetrics”. This award given to a few hospitals that distinguish themselves based on robust criteria of female patient satisfaction measurements, in addition to clinical excellence considerations.

“GAHHS is honored to receive the Women’s Choice Award from WomenCertified in 2013. It is also a testament to the great medical staff, amazing hospital staff and dedicated professionals at GAHHS who take great pride in caring for the patients and communities we serve,” said GAHHS CEO Rob Schmitt.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, women make or influence more than 90 percent of the health care decisions for their families. It is because of this that WomenCertified feels so strongly about their Women’s Choice Award because a hospital must meet high standards regarding a woman’s preference and care to be given a Women’s Choice Award.

“Gibson Area Hospital’s selection by WomenCertified as one of the Best Hospitals for Patient Experience in Obstetrics differentiates it from other choices in the area,” explains Delia Passi, CEO and founder of WomenCertified. “Women have many choices when it comes to maternity care and they set the standard for customer service. Women’s Choice Award recipients have demonstrated extraordinary service in meeting the needs of women and their families, and represent the smart choice for women.”

While it is good to have nation recognition for our services, we, and those who have had babies at GAH already know that it is the personal touches we provide that others can’t match.

“In my opinion, I believe women love coming to GAHHS to have their babies because of the personal care we provide to each mom,” explained Schmitt. “We have outstanding physicians who provide that personal touch with their patients and the same with the obstetric staff. Most times our patients receive one on one nurse to patient care. That extra attention makes a difference, especially for first time moms. Our nurses have time to spend with the mom and the baby to make sure they receive the best care possible. I know it makes the Dads feel better too, knowing their baby isn’t just one of 20 or 30 on a unit.”

WomenCertified represents the collective voice of female consumers and is a trusted referral source for top businesses and brands identified as meeting the needs and preferences of women. For more information on the criteria used to determine a Women’s Choice Award visit their website at

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