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Nursing Excellence Award Winners

May 8, 2013

Nursing Excellence Award Winners

Wednesday & Thursday

Due to scheduling conflicts, we are announcing 4 winners today of our Nursing Excellence Awards!  Congratulations to Arlys Carmien, Jenna Hoff, Manuela Medina, and Colleen Sorenson!

Arlys Carmien, RN in Pre-Op, is one of those nurses who makes you smile, simply by being around her.  According to who nominated her, Arlys is an "excellent teacher" with a calm, kind manner, who "encourages all of us to do our best every day with a positive attitude."

"Jenny consistently goes beyond what is necessary in regards to patient care," we were told about Jenny Hoff, CNA, who works in the Wound Clinic & Dr Chung’s office.  "She is dedicated to her profession, is caring and very passionate about patient care.  She works great with our team and is always looking for ways to help out."

Manuela Medina, a CNA at Family Health Clinic in Gibson City is considered to be "a vital aspect of office floor."  Noted for her kind and caring manner, Nela never hesitates to assist.  "There are days that she takes calls from other clinics asking if she would be able to translate apt. advice or just to triage in Spanish – as well pt will come in to ask her to translate directions from ER or other facilities."

And last but not least, Colleen Sorensen has a big fan base – she received 12 nominations for this award!  Here’s a summary of all the comments  – she’s patient and compassionate, has a great personality and positive attitude, provides exceptional care, is extremely dedicated, is polite, hard-working and eager to help, but most of all…full of smiles and love!  This quote seems to say it all… "GAH is blessed to have her."

Please take the time to congratulate Arlys, Jenny, Nela, and Colleen!


Congratulations to our Nursing Excellence Award winners today, Dave Giammana and Tonya Windle!

Dave Giammana, a CRNA in surgery, leaves a lasting impression on those he works with.  It was noted that several of the qualities listed for this nomination, such as going above and beyond to care for the needs of the patient and family, are part of who Dave is.  Dave has an "always upbeat attitude."  He’s willing to help others, such as when his expertise in starting IV’s is needed, and "is very involved in his patient care."

Tonya Windle "is one of the most caring, compassionate people I have ever met," says one of her coworkers.  She works as a CNA on Med/Surg giving great care to her patients, and excels as a unit secretary who is very efficient and courteous.   "I always think I would want her taking care of my family or friend," says another.  "Tonya is always cheerful and does her job with absolute passion and joy."

Again, congratulations to Dave and Tonya!


Congratulations to our Nursing Excellence Award winners today, Sue Johnson and Tricia Lozier!

"Committed to excellence," are the words that were used to describe Sue Johnson, RN, in Surgery. According to a staff member who nominated her, Sue is "always optimistic and is self-motivated." She "develops a plan and finishes the job, meets assigned jobs head on, to patients and staff both."

"Miss Tricia" as GCMS students affectionately call Tricia Lozier, RN, has helped improve nursing care in our school system.  "She works to give good care and assists school admin and staff with compliance.  She is a resource for other school nurses and is constantly learning and collaborating with staff."

Please take the time to congratulate Sue and Tricia on this well-deserved award! 


Congratulations to our Nursing Excellence Award winner today, Katie Cornish!

Katie Cornish is a CNA in the OB department.  According to those who nominated Katie, she "always is positive and is the ultimate team player.  She has dedicated 15 years to OB and does her job with pride.  This girl hits the floor running and always gives 150%!"


When you see Katie, please congratulate her on this very well

deserved award! 

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