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Insurance- Did You Know?! Prior Authorizations

April 18, 2023

Insurance- Did You Know?! Prior Authorizations

Insurance-Did You Know?  Prior Authorizations...




Have you ever wondered why it takes so long to get scheduled for a test or needed healthcare service?


Did you know that the prior-authorization process created by your insurance company is the #1 reason for delayed care?  That’s right!  If you have experienced a delay in getting scheduled for a test or healthcare service ordered by your medical provider, the delay is caused by the excessive process your insurance company has put in place as a cost-saving measure.  But what is that cost-saving measure costing you?  Delayed service and care due to their burdening requirements.


The average time it takes to obtain prior authorization is 7-10 days for most commercial insurances, with some taking as much as 10-14 days!

Medicaid Replacement benefit plans can take 6-14 days to obtain authorization.


Gibson Area Hospital and Health Services(GAHHS) shares your frustration over scheduling delays imposed by insurance companies.  Our goal is to make sure that you are receiving the care you need when you need it and make sure that you are not stuck with a bill for services that required prior authorization from your insurance company. 


We encourage you to call your insurance company and voice your concern, and demand transparency about prior authorization delays that adversely affect your healthcare needs.




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