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Therapy Services Receives 2023 Speak Out!® Grant

April 24, 2023

Therapy Services Receives 2023 Speak Out!® Grant

Gibson Area Hospital Therapy Services

Awarded 2023 SPEAK OUT!®

Program Development Grant!


Gibson Area Hospital Therapy Services has received the Parkinson Project's SPEAK OUT! ® Program Development Grant for the 2nd year in a row!  We are excited to continue growing our Parkinson SPEAK OUT!® Program, including LOUD Crowd® with the help of these grant funds!


Here are some important facts about this exciting grant and SPEAK OUT!® and LOUD Crowd.®


  • Approximately 90% of people with Parkinson’s develop problems speaking, which can lead to isolation and reduced quality of life.
  • Swallowing problems can occur in 40-95% of people with Parkinson’s, which can lead to weight loss, dehydration, malnutrition, and pneumonia.
  • Speech therapy can improve both speaking and swallowing in people with Parkinson’s.
  • Our LOUD Crowd® meets on Zoom once a week to help individuals with Parkinson’s maintain the improvements that they made in SPEAK OUT!® therapy.
  • LOUD Crowd® is a free program.
  • Second consecutive year GAH Therapy has received the SPEAK OUT Program Development Grant.
  • GAH plans to grow Parkinson’s program in the outpatient setting with Kimberly Nelson Rusch, SLP leading Speech Therapy efforts.
  • SPEAK OUT!® works in tandem with our Occupational Therapy Parkinson’s program.
  • The grant provides SPEAK OUT!® training for two Speech-Language Pathologists and all SLP students.
  • The grant is also paying for a year subscription to Zoom Pro to benefit our Loud Crowd.®







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