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  • Tours for moms, dads, and the entire family are available through the OB Department at any time.
  • Proud Parent Dinner with choice of menu items for everyone’s taste. The Dinner is served with fine stemware, silverware and linens. The Dinner should create an intimate, relaxing experience before parents take their newborn home.
  • The same nursing staff will care for you from the beginning of labor through the discharge of you and your newborn.
  • All postpartum rooms are equipped with DVD players, VCR players, CD players, AM/FM radio and alarm clocks for each patient’s individual use.
  • The OR suite for C-Section suite is located inside the Obstetric Unit. The same staff will assist you and your family throughout this time.

Visiting Hours

In order to allow for optimal time for the new family to get to know one another, we offer these visiting hours in the Obstetrics Department:


  • The mother is allowed to designate one support person who is able to be with his/her loved one around the clock. There is a fold out bed available in Mom’s postpartum room and we will supply the linen for your use.
  • Arrangements between the nurse and the new mother can be made for family and friends to meet the newest member of the family shortly after he or she arrives.
  • In order to provide for the health and safety of your family, we ask that only two visitors (in addition to the support person) be in your room at a time.  No one under the age of 12 is permitted in the OB Department except siblings of the infant.  All visitors must check in at the nurse's station. You may be asked to step out of the room at any time in order for the staff to provide care and education to our patients. There are no set visiting hours but we ask you to be respectful of our new mothers as they get to know their infants.

How to Contact Us

To contact Gibson Area Hospital directly call (217) 784-4251. For Security Concerns please call the Security Officer at (217) 784-2370. For general questions or comments about the GAHHS website, fill out the form on the contact page or email .

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